About Racing

Discover The New Racing Formula

The race series will be compiled of multiple events over a 1 or 2 day weekend to challenge and test each riders capabilities and fitness levels. These races will range from fast short track racing to long and more tactics based race format. Each rider will have to compete in at least 3 of the 4 events in each day to gain points on a leaderboard and be the champion. You will get to choose whether to compete in the weekend leaderboard or the daily leaderboard which each day having prizes and different challenges along the way.

Find out about the all new 8 event formula we have devised to challenge you over a weekend of racing.

Short Track Race

This race is taken from the Pro’s XCC races where it is a mass participant race with everyone lining up at the asme time and them racing round a shortened circuit with the aim of each riding racing as hard as they can for 20 minutes to gain points for positions. We would run it a little different because we would run it for points in the the championship so we would gage the experience of riders and the Grid them backwards so the fastest riders are at the back to make the racing a little more exciting and challenging. They would sprint round a 1 mile circuit and try to gain as many positions as they can. 

Individual Time Trial

This race would be spaced out over 30 second intervals and they would be racing on the long circuit over around 2 miles for 4 laps this would then be judged on time for the 4 laps to be completed. With the 30 second intervals we would try and let one fast rider go and then one slow rider so we have a mix on the circuit and not all the fast riders are passing the slower riders together. Each rider would start on a start ramp and join the circuit at the start finish arena. 

Consistency Event

This event can be based on 1 of 2 things either average speed per lap or time for each lap. Riders will be set off in groups of 10 with 2 minutes gap between each group. The key to this race is no the first to finish but the person to keep closest to their first lap time. It’s all about pacing yourself and trying to keep your effort levels the same. We will have a Bronze Silver and Gold tiering system in the results so the faster you go the more points you can acclimate in your category.

Fastest lap Race

This is nice and simple each rider will get a sighting lap and then 1 flying lap the complete the fastest lap time retrospectively in their age and gender category. This is a quick and easy race to build up some confidence int he course and setting lap times after a long day racing this could be quite interesting with tired legs.  

Long Race

This is your classic long race with everyone starting at the same time with 6 laps of the long circuit and it’s simply the first to cross the line wins in their category. 

Rally Cross Style Event

In this race you will be racing on a shorter track around 1.5 miles you will be racing for 5 laps of this circuit but you will have to divert onto a longer 500 metre loop 2 times within the race. You can choose when you want to do this pithing the race whether you want to gain a lead at the start or leave your loops to the end you will have to decide and we will be keeping an eye out to make sure each rider completes 2 extra loops. 

Elimination Race

This is the race of the last one standing on the course with riders starting to be eliminated after 2 laps. Then once 5 laps are over 2 riders start to be eliminated per lap until you re left with 2 riders on a 1 lap shoot to finish before the other. You can choose to go for a sprinting tactic or you can sit with the bunch and save your energy its up to you. 

Lap Count Race

To finish the event list we would finish with a 45 minute long race and its just how many laps you can complete in that time. With the simple goal of going as fast as you can for 45 minutes and trying to make as little mistakes as possible on a tight winding course.