The Pedal Revolution Life Cycle

The Pedal Revolution Life Cycle

Joining The Pedal Revolution.

If you love what we do, experienced our help in getting your journey underway or just want to be part of a cycling community and our events then you can support us by joining The Pedal Revolution club. Individual and family memberships are available and with offers from our sponsors and partners you will soon more than regain your annual membership fee! 


Setting achievable goals and ticking off your achievements builds confidence and boosts morale. Join our Medal-a-Month challenge for 12 months and watch your mileage, confidence and ability soar.  Oh, and what a medal collection! 

The Pedal Revolution.

Behind your cycling journey is a not-for-profit social enterprise  with the mission to engage, inspire and enable people just like you to start your cycling journey, build momentum and keep it challenging. We will lend you a bike for free to get started, we will offer you a free safety check and tune-up if your bike has not been ridden for a while and we will find an easy way to help you onto the cycle ownership ladder for the first time if you need some help. 

Big Days Out.

Every calendar needs some red letter days. Days to plan for and relish. We have been organising big cycling days for many years including the region’s biggest locally organised event the Tour de Broads. Our events are fully signposted with mechanical support and offer a big event atmosphere – and brilliant complementary souvenirs and rewards for your efforts.