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TPR Events are thrilled to announce that we have partnered up with Blackzone Coaching for a unique opportunity for all our cyclists to have 1-1 coaching to get you to your cycling dreams. Whether you are looking for 1-1 coaching or a set program Kevin at Blackzone Coaching is the perfect training coach to have by your side. 

TPR Events and Blackzone coaching have developed a great relationship and we have managed to strike a deal where TPR Events competitors can get yourself a 10% discount on all your coaching needs through Blackzone Coaching. Kevin has an extensive knowledge in his field and will be able to get you to whatever your goals are whether you are trying to build up from 50miles up to 75 miles or whether you are planning on taking on one of our more epic sportives he has the knowledge to take you there.

About Blackzone Coaching

With an extensive background in high level road cycling, Founder and Head Coach Kevin Henderson has frequently climbed podium steps in both cycling and triathlon. As a former Category 1 road cyclist Kevin has represented Scotland internationally while his passion for triathlon resulted in him double medaling at the Scottish Sprint and Standard Championships (2011). His current passion for racing lies in endurance triathlons and he has to date competed in six IRONMAN distance events: Roth, Barcelona (3), Austria & Mallorca.

On top of his 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry he is also a fully qualified Triathlon Coach, certified by the acclaimed International Triathlon Coaching Association (ITCA), as well as an IRONMAN Certified Coach. Training at a high level whilst balancing his day job as a coach, personal trainer and father, Kevin understands the pressures on today’s time constrained athlete.

As well as his cycling and triathlon coaching qualifications Kevin has also completed Hunter Allen’s Power-Based Training Course run by Peaks Coaching Group. An industry leading course that specifically addresses the now essential use of power meters in modern cycling and triathlon coaching”

Overview Of Training Plans

Blackzone Coaching supplies its athletes with bespoke Triathlon and Cycling training plans which are personally customised and reviewed on a weekly basis.

We use Training Peaks to deliver and analyse your training, ensuring we are able to quickly react to changes in your fitness or any life events that disrupt it.

This is a long established system used by many of the world’s top coaches and Head Coach Kevin has been recognised as a certified Training Peaks coach for his expertise in using the platform.

*These prices are pre discount for all TPR Event Customers*


In June 2020 I came to a realisation with a big bump (a broken collar bone and eight broken ribs) that my abilities weren’t in match with my ambitions. Three months later and I was making the baby steps onto the bike with ambitions to get back to cycling with my mates and my club.

I actually enjoy training sessions and have benefited in other sports when I have followed a plan. Because of this I know my greatest risk is burning out whilst juggling work, training and family time (I know I am not alone in this challenge). I read about getting a coach but I’m not an athlete, I wasn’t targeting time trials, I wasn’t targeting races and had zero aspirations to do so – that’s what you have coaches for, right ? So, what would I do with a coach or more accurately why would anyone coach me? I decided though, if I don’t ask I’ll never know so contacted Blackzone Coaching.

Kevin was awesome straight away and walked me through what a programme would look like and assured me that I could find value in being coached. So we talked through my commitments and I received my first sessions all based around my hours and my needs. I loved it !!! No thinking just get on the bike/turbo and ride. The sessions are completely focused on getting the most out of my time and if I get stuck a quick text, a quick adjustment allowed me to keep moving forward. I can’t thank Kevin enough as whilst I’m not going to be the fastest or winning races, I am the fittest I have ever been. I am loving riding with mates more than ever and I’m even getting quicker uphill!

Is coaching for you? With a coach like Kevin being coached is for everyone whether you are racing or you want to enjoy and get the most out of what you have! He listens, shapes sessions for YOU, and keeps you on track! Unfortunately I can’t give him snippets like coming top 5 in an Ironman or winning a time trial but after 12 months I am still enjoying the challenge of every session, I am excited about where I can get my fitness to next year and looking forward hopefully bringing the pain train on a summer club ride!


When I joined Blackzone Coaching I had two clear objectives that I set out with Kevin: Firstly build up my FTP; secondly prepare my cycling fitness for one of the greatest endurance events in the world for amateurs, namely the Haute Route Alps.

This is a seven day event including some of the highest and most challenging road cycling terrain in the world.  Over the course of the next year Kevin planned, and analysed by numbers through training peaks, gave daily feedback on sessions, and most importantly put together sustainable, and (largely!) achievable daily workouts that saw my overall cycling fitness hit new highs.

I can’t speak highly enough for Kevin’s approach.  I was delighted to complete the Haute Route, whilst never losing power up some phenomenal climbs and a week later to hit an all time 60 minute power record to boot.  Thanks Kevin!


I have been working with Blackzone Coaching since the start of Lockdown in 2020 and he has revolutionised my training and lifestyle. I have never been more consistent and motivated to train than I have when working with Kevin. Sessions are well tailored to the intensity and variance I need and he is so supportive as a coach when sessions might not go as well as I wanted or expected.

As a final year Sports and Exercise student myself I adore the data training/racing produces and learning how the body adapts to training demands.  Kevin’s scientific approach to programming is really interesting to me and gives a helpful practical insight when I work on the theory in my degree. It is really motivating to see all the exponential progress, after over a year of work.

The biggest achievement we have achieved is coming 5th in my age group qualifiers for Olympic distance and taking 35mins off my previous best time. I’m excited to see the progress next year holds!