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Since 2013 at TPR Events we have seen, heard and witnessed many exceptional tales of determination, achievement, goodwill and kindness at our events. We all have different motivations for riding and we are all inspired in different ways. This page highlights just a small selection of our  riders and team with their stories and inspiration.  

TPR Events Rider Stories

  • Rider Stories #2 – Bryan
    TPR Rider Stories#2 – Bryan must be our most “mature” rider and volunteer at the amazing age of…. well lets just say he gets a telegram from the King in three years time! If you have ever ridden with us, he will undoubtedly be a familiar face. He enjoys waving you away in […]
  • Rider Stories #1 – Stephen & Lawrence
    TPR Rider Stores#1 – Meet Stephen and Laurence from Essex, regulars at our events for many years as part of Hornchuch CC – but they had been keeping a secret from us all! Now, I don’t often get time to wander around the car park at our events, but at the last Winter Series I […]

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