Submitting your evidence has never been easier

Logging your Mileage through Strava

If you are using a GPS cycling computer and use Strava to log your rides and share them with friends then you can use this to keep track of your mileages over the months and we can also take your mileage count off Strava without you having to submit any extra evidence. As well al know if it isn’t on Strava it didn’t happen. 

You will have to join our members only Strava group on the link here and we will accept your request once you have signed up to your challenge. Strava Group Link

It's easy to submit your evidence and show the miles you are covering without Strava.

Towards the end of the month we will email you and ask if you have completed your challenge. It’s here you can let us know whether you have completed your miles and if so, how you can show us you have with your evidence. 

Bike (Outdoors)

You have many ways of recording your mileage while riding outdoors. You can either take your mileage off your cycle computer such as a Garmin and Wahoo and then connect these up to a Free Strava account for your own personal training log. 

You can also record your rides through the Free Strava app you can download on your smart phone and then press the record button to track your ride and this will be saved on your own personal account. 

Another way is when you get home from your ride you can go on a free website called ridewithgps.com , then map out your ride on there and take the distance off there and type it into a spreadsheet for the month.

Gym/Indoor bike

We are fully inclusive here at Medal-A-Month and we take mileages from wherever you hope onto a bike. So if you have been down the gym or hopped onto your indoor bike at home you can use those mileages to help get to your challenge medal. 

Most gym bikes and indoor trainers have a mileage tracking system built into them and some can even connect up to your own cycle computer. 

You can simply take a photo of your mileages you ride on these forms of bikes and keep them as evidence or just note it down and add it into a spreadsheet. 

Pedalo - Unicycle - Pedal Go Kart...

We welcome all sorts of ways to complete our challenges. It doesn’t matter if you only have one wheel or you are on holiday and there is a nice Pedalo ride to go on. We accept all mileages of any sort as long as there are pedals and you go round in a cycling motion. 

Submitting evidence for these are as simple as the others either record your joinery on your Smart Phone using the Free Strava app or use simple route tracking websites such as Ridewithgps.com. You can then either take screen shots or put them into a spreadsheet and keep a personal log of your miles.


Medal-A-Month is fully inclusive for all ages and abilities so even if you have a whole family who want to take part and enter into each months challenges you can do so and then just track your kids mileage and send them through on your e-mail address. 

If you are still having issue with uploading your evidence or working out how to log you miles the worse happens are you loose all your data then don’t worry get in contact with us via our contact form.

If you want to know a little bit more about how it works then follow this button.